• Martin Cai
    Martin Cai Race Director

    After 10 years of Resource Management consulting in Canada and 10 years of Finance in UK and Hong Kong, Martin has taken the decision to focus his love for the outdoors, running and entrepreneurship to create TheGreenRace.

    Martin has aspirations for GreenRace to become the first waste neutral running event in Hong Kong.

  • Anna Cai
    Anna Cai Designer and Director

    Following completion of her Masters degree at University of St. Andrews, Anna went on to create an exciting baby products brand named Swimava. Nine years on, Swimava is now in 12 countries a has more than one million happy baby customers. Anna has a love for art, her daughter and living life to the fullest ­ especially in the great outdoors!

  • Ivan Lam
    Ivan Lam Race Manager

    Canadian born Chinese, former banker. Ivan joined the team in late September 2017 when he learned that the team needed a fulltime member onboard, and also because of his love for the outdoors and trail running. Ivan first encountered The GreenRace when he has just moved back to Hong Kong in 2015 when he went on a recce for The GreenRace Immortals, and has become a huge fan of the organization ever since. As an avid runner, Ivan seized the opportunity of the full-time position to fulfill his dream of organizing his very own race one day!

  • Caitlyn Shepard
    Caitlyn Shepard Event Coordinator

    A road runner since high school, Caitlyn has been steadily developing an affinity for the lush and tough trails of Hong Kong ever since her relocation from the US. Now she’s proud to be part of The GreenRace, coordinating events in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and beyond!

  • Winnie Leung
    Winnie Leung Race Management and Support

    A native of Hong Kong, Winnie is a recent BBA graduate from HKUST. Searching for an career within a versatile growing business Winnie landed employment with Swimava in early 2015. She soon found herself immersed in even greater diversity, also working for GreenRace. She’s been an impressive and dedicated addition to the GreenRace Team and a huge part of what makes our events successful.

  • Luis Alvelais
    Luis Alvelais

    In 2004 Luis decided to leave Mexico where he is from and explore the world. He moved to Europe and after spending 10 years between the UK and Italy he moved to Hong Kong where he discovered his love for the trails. It was Luis’ passion for nature and great challenges that lead him to join GreenRace where he is hoping to share this passion with the rest of Hong Kong and why not, people around the world.